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Online Courses - Summer 2017
Enrollment closed May 25th.
Check your status on the left and plan to attend orientation. Your teacher will contact you soon.


Orientation is 6:00-7:30pm at Barbara Cardwell

Monday, June 5 Tuesday, June 6
English 4 Art
Foundations of Fitness (P.E.) Economics
Government Health
Psychology and Sociology Prof. Communications
  Web Design


IISD high school students, you can take a free class online from home with a certified teacher.  After an orientation meeting, you'll complete the class in your own time as you read, watch videos, complete quizzes and activities, and discuss with your classmates and teacher.


You'll need:

  • Reliable computer with internet access at home

  • 4-5 hours free per week

  • Self-motivation to keep up with each week's activities

Required First Day Orientation


All students must attend orientation June 5-6*, 6:00-7:30pm.


*Find your orientation day here. Your teacher will contact you prior.


Location: Barbara Cardwell
101 E. Union Bower, Irving TX

How to start:

  1. Select a course below.  Click one to sign up (unless it's full).

  2. Complete the application on this website for your counselor.

  3. Check the status of your application to see if it was approved.

  4. Attend orientation on the first day of class.


Courses offered: select one to continue. Limit 1 course per student.

Art 1 Art 1 (1 credit - Fine Arts) FULL
Explore your artistic side as you go hands-on with the basics of traditional art. Try a little of everything, including drawing, painting, clay sculpture, fibers, photography, and digital art. Share and discuss art with other students, and create a digital portfolio of your best work. Preview the course activities here.

: camera to photograph your work, $15 for art supplies.

Foundations of Personal Fitness Foundations of Personal Fitness (1/2 credit)
Your health is important throughout your life. Learn fitness choices that prevent disease and obesity and boost your energy. You'll design a balanced personal fitness plan and use it to exercise 5 hours per week, along with learning to prevent injury and improve nutrition for a healthy, active life.

: Athletic clothing and shoes, access to exercise facility if possible, video and audio recording ability.

Government Government (1/2 credit)
How does our nation's government work? How does it affect you, and how can you be an active participant in the process? Learn about different types of government and how ours came to be. As a citizen, it's important to know your legal rights, how laws are created and enforced, and the ways different branches of government are working together all around you.

: completed U.S. History.

Economics Economics (1/2 credit)
Money, money!  Many actions in your life will involve finances, like purchasing goods and services, getting a job, paying taxes, renting an apartment, taking a loan, or making an investment.  Economics helps you understand how money works and about the free market system, where supply and demand and the choices of producers and consumers influence prices. 

: completed U.S. History.

English IV English 4 (Juniors only) (1 credit) FULL
Explore classic and modern literature spanning 1500 years, including drama, poetry, comedy, tragedy, satire, and famous speeches. Discover how recurring themes like social justice and good vs. evil are still relevant to society today. Increase your ability to read and understand the written word, to draw conclusions, and express yourself in writing.

must be a Junior (11th grade)

Health (1/2 credit) FULL
Learn to make good decisions that support your physical, mental, and social health. Understand health issues that face our society and strategies to deal with them - from stress and depression to problems like drug abuse and suicide. Explore the role of good nutrition and exercise in preventing disease. Analyze what you eat, conduct interviews, raise awareness of issues, and discuss topics with your peers.

Professional Communications Professional Communications (1/2 credit)
How well you can communicate affects your academic, professional, and social life. Practice key skills like starting a conversation, listening, persuading, interviewing, and giving presentations. Work solo and in a group. Select business idea from and create different types of communication to support it, from print ads to podcasts and more.

: video/audio recording capability.

English IV Psychology (1/2 credit - elective)
Psychology is a science dedicated to improving people's lives by asking questions like: Why are some people happier than others? Do people ever change, or do they basically stay the same? You'll study consciousness, memory, sleep, dreaming, human development, attitudes, relationships, and anxiety.  By the end, you'll better understand why people think, feel, and behave the way they do!

Sociology (1/2 credit - elective)
Sociology is the study of human society -- groups of people who share a culture. How does the social world around you affect your personal choices?  How do people become part of (or deviate from) the culture of their society? Consider issues of social inequality, learn about social institutions (like government, family, religion, and education), and think about how society has changed -- even during your own lifetime.

Web Design Web Design (1 credit - elective)
Master the web as you learn to create sites and design graphics and animation. Learn how the internet works, how to host a website, and the HTML code that makes up web pages. Learn industry-standard software including Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and Flash with helpful videos.  After practicing the basics, you'll design your own projects!

: school laptop to install Adobe CS6 software.